Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ava the Cuddle Bug

Around this house and among her nursing staff, Ava has developed Quite the reputation for being a cuddle bug.  If she had her way, she'd blow off therapy and playtime in lieu of just having someone sit and hold her and talk to her.  It's funny because everytime her [current] PT comes to visit, Ava will fight her on most of the positions, but as soon as it involves being on someone's lap, she loosens up and smiles for ya!

One of the big things we have to do Several times a day is massage and stretch her feet, ankles in particular.  Her right ankle has been giving us fits for months.  It is turning in.  We ended up deciding to have botox injections every 60 days just to keep it [somewhat] in check.  And it hurts her.  Imagine the worst pulled muscle you can imagine, and then imagine that someone has to massage and handle it several times a day.  Imagine how much that would hurt.  So of course she does not like it, in fact she cries almost every time we do it.  That information makes the pictures below that much more funny!

One of our nurses found a way to get Ava to relax while getting her ankles massaged.  Lol!!

"I hate my feet messed with, but I love being held!"

"I will NOT fall asleeo during my foot massage!"

"Okay.  I give in.  Just hold me and you can do whatever you want to my feet...."

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